Getting started with Google Compute Engine: a guide to all the guides
By Bryan Naim, Product Marketing Manager Happy holidays from all of us on the Google Cloud
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What a year! Google Cloud Platform in 2017
By Alex Barrett and Barrett Williams, Google Cloud blog editors The end of the year is
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Cloud Audit Logging for Kubernetes Engine: Answer the who, what, when of admin accesses
By Maks Osowski, Product Manager, Google Kubernetes Engine Sometimes, in Google Kubernetes Engine, you want to
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Three tips for peak Cloud Load Balancing performance
By Colt McAnlis, Developer Advocate The backbone of any modern, cloud-native application is a flexible, powerful
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Solution: Integrating on-premises storage with Google Cloud using an Avere vFXT
By Adrian Graham, Cloud Solutions Architect Running compute workloads on the cloud can be a powerful
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Puppet and Google Cloud Platform: a year in review
By Nelson Araujo, Software Engineer Here at Google Cloud, our goal is to build a great
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How Google protects your data in transit
By Maya Kaczorowski, Security and Privacy Product Manager  Protecting your data is of the utmost importance
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Use labels to gain visibility into GCP resource usage and spending
By Chris Crall and Marco Cavalli, Product Managers We’re pleased to announce that labels, a new
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