How to dynamically generate GCP IAM credentials with a new HashiCorp Vault secrets engine
By Emily Ye, Software Engineer, Google and Akshath Kumar, Site Reliability Engineer, WePay Applications often require
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Introducing Kayenta: An open automated canary analysis tool from Google and Netflix
By Nikhil Kaul, Product Marketing Manager & Andrew Phillips, Product Manager To perform continuous delivery at
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Cloud Endpoints: Introducing a new way to manage API configuration rollout
By Simon Zeltser, Developer Programs Engineer  Google Cloud Endpoints is a distributed API gateway that you
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Toward better phone call and video transcription with new Cloud Speech-to-Text
By Dan Aharon, Product Manager, Cloud AI It’s been full speed ahead for our Cloud AI
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Viewing trace spans and request logs in multi-project deployments
By Morgan McLean, Product Manager, John Bryan, Software Engineer, and Dave Raffensberger, Software Engineer Google Cloud
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Now, you can deploy to Kubernetes Engine from GitLab with a few clicks
By William Denniss, Product Manager, Google Kubernetes Engine, and William Chia, Senior Product Marketing Manager, GitLab
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Introducing VPC Flow Logs—network transparency in near real-time
By Ines Envid, Product Manager, GCP Logging and monitoring are the cornerstones of network and security
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Exploring container security: Node and container operating systems
By Aditya Kali, Software Engineer, Container-Optimized OS and Dan Lorenc, Software Engineer, Cloud Container Tools Editor’s
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